Chuck Dingée

(pronounced the French way, Dahn-jay)

Chuck Dingee

Chuck Dingée collaborated with Ranger Marketing Communications and others to form a powerful web design company called Media Synergy.

A major Media Synergy project is working with one of the largest power sweeping manufacturers -- Alabama-based Schwarze Industries -- to put the award-winning American Sweeper Magazine onto the World Wide Web.

Media Synergy also works extensively with SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering. SPIE has its own server and does a good deal of its web work in-house, but has increasingly used Media Synergy for major projects.

Other Media Synergy projects Chuck is involved in include:


Digital photography is Chuck's latest hobby, with a new SONY F707 camera! Check out Chuck's photo galleries on


Since 1965, music has also been a major part of Chuck Dingée's life. He sings and plays guitar and, in the early 1980s, he was on the Board of Directors for Allied Arts of Whatcom County. Currently he plays solo, as well as playing in an Beatles type band called The Walrus.


Chuck likes to windsurf and play backgammon. He plays on the First Internet Backgammon Server. (FIBS) His FIBS name is BhamChuck. He uses MacFIBS.

picture of Chuck & Kathy

Chuck Dingée lives in Bellingham with his wife Kathy Dingée Sheehan. They love to hike and hunt for wild mushrooms. They also love to sail.